Letterpress printing in Aarle-Rixtel, Holland

What is letterpress?                A form of relief printing

Numerous attempts are made by me

                                            in the good old Gutenberg tradition,

while using old printing presses and movable type

                                                     either in wood, lead or polymer

to make perfect prints but it doesn’t work.

The way I print always includes a certain touch of imperfection

             –due to a lack of skill

                        or my recklessness to put any object,

                                                        flat, sturdy or tempting

in one of my presses while exclaiming:

                                                                ink it don’t think it

In the early sixties offset-printing became mainstream.

                      In the seventies letterpress printing became obsolete.

Some of these printing presses were given a second life:

                                doing boring jobs like die-cutting and ceasing

Lucky were proofing presses like my

                                                   FAG Standard and Korrex Berlin

to find shelter in print studios

                                where they are loved and well-kept.

                                                                                                                              charm of old presses

My presses are hand-cranked and not intended for large runs

                                             but they are wonderful in slow-printing

The feel of paper that got intensely kissed

                                                          by type

                                                            leaving a tactile impression

                                                                 is awesome.

Every impression is slightly different and far from perfect.

                               probably that’s why I’m not an ordinary printer

                 impression in paper

Choosing and mixing ink is key for printing,

                           indeed no use of the Pantone colour wheel

                                                                         way too sensible

[Mis]prints are made with:                       

                              dash, vivid color and expression



Before the actual printing starts

                            the tedious job of setting type by hand is required

                                                    not often one character short

Most room in my sanctuary is taken by cabinets full of type

truckload full of type


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